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If you are like SummerEun, founder of Send HEPi (Send HEP-i, LLC), you may have been told your verbal communication skills aren't the best. Sure, you are fully engaged in the conversation, however, do you find yourself having x, y, and z in mind but refrain from commenting? Especially with parents, right? So many things you want to say but you rather walk away because you know they don't see things eye to eye or good ol' "cat got your tongue" to keep your sanity. 

Send HEPi was created to be of service for, but not limited to, individuals who find expressing their thoughts and feelings and/or face-to-face conversations a bit difficult. Although Send HEPi predominately attract those who are (H)esitant, (E)motionally-Challenged, (P)rideful, and/or (i)ntroverted, if you or someone you deeply care about prefer to text than talk on the phone, Send HEPi is for you too! Today, studies show at least 70% of communication is nonverbal. Without personal expressions, recipients often misinterpret your intentions!

Thanks to individuals like yourselves, Send HEPi is able to achieve our goal of creating a new era of communication! Express yourself using personal characters in your written messages. Tell them how you really feel!

The future is unpredictable. Why wait? The time is now! EXPRESS YOURSELF and deliver your extraordinary self through personalized, unique messages! 


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